Islamic State Gains Military Expertise From Ex-Soldiers

Source: Islami ***The #MESSAGE (Below), Is a …Great Solution… to the Obamuslimization of Our Great Nation, …..The ALLEGED…COLLATERAL Damage…”””WOULD be INSIGNIFICANT”, …Verses … Permitting the Islamic Muslim Terrorists…COMPRISED of Obama and The OBAMA REGIME’S…Middle Eastern Muslim Co Conspirators, … Present THREAT to … Our UNITED STATES of AMERICA… ISRAEL, …and … Our European Allies… As the MUSLIM CULT contrives “to continue their “World-Wide~Satanic& Barbaric~Threat’s and their Implied…”Destruction of Christians and other NON-Muslims”.


“””When JAPAN chanted…”DEATH to America”””, America… “DROPPED TWO (2), ATOMIC BOMBS on Them”. …. The collateral LESSON and IMPACT is STILL RESONANT in their RESPECT for America, and JAPAN’s Personal Peace. …PERIOD.

That SAME HISTORICAL…LESSON NEEDS to Be LEARNED and RESPECTED… By All the  ISLAMIC MUSLIM TERRORIST Behaviors and Forces with-in the Myriad of…  “ALL Middle Eastern Nations”.

America and The Expansive resources of Men, Money, and Material, from all of The Coalition Forces, (that served during the recent 14 years), to REDUCE the Plague of DICTATORSHIPS, and other DESTITUTE Living conditions of The PEOPLE, in the Middle East Region,  …have come to NAUGHT. ..

The FAILURE of the MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRIES~ LEADERSHIP,  and their INABILITY to COALESCE a RESOLVE …of JOINT RETALIATION, that will effect a RESOLUTION to the Internal strife … TOWARD the, “KNOWN, … INTERNAL~ARCHAIC and DESTRUCTIVE, …  Behavior and incessant Threats”, …  by the Myriad of forces of ISIS, ISIL, HAMAS, jihad, etc. etc., “That pose endless Threat and Grievous DESTRUCTION of NON-MUSLIM PEOPLE”. …  LEAVE the FREE-WORLD with NO OTHER VIABLE CHOICE, … EXCEPT  to RENDER a FEW… (THREE (3), or more), ‘Strategically Distributed’, “””BOMBS”””,  ..”TO ERADICATE the Islamic Muslim Terrorist Threats, …To America,  Israel, and Our European Allies. …PERIOD.

c State Gains Military Expertise From Ex-Soldiers

Combat Veteran still serving


Maj Gen. Paul E. Vallely.


It is with sincere respect and honor that I privilege myself to LAUD and HONOR; your LOYAL, EARNEST, and TRUTHFUL, effort to IDENTIFY the Present; “DESTRUCTIVE & DEVASTATING, Failed Leadership”, facts ,of Pres.B Hussein Obama, and his Administrative CZAR’s, The Democratic Senate, along with the many RHINO’s, in both Houses of Our Congress….One of your most efffective measures …Is your PLAIN SPEAKING…in a manner that even a Eighth Grader can understand and define in your Talking Points.

I am Willing to be accountable to render you my sincere and loyal support, in any manner appropriate, with in the limits of my capabilities in any AIDE I can provide to your mission Challenge’ ,…PERIOD.

I would rather endure the Dangers of Freedom than enjoy the Peace of Slavery…PERIOD.

Again Sir, THANK YOU, CALL ON ME, and May Our Creator Bless your Patriotic and Military Professional Leadership in the Mission at hand.

Robert David Hummel, USA,Ret(Sfc) 352-726-141, Inverness, Florida