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2 thoughts on “Hello world!

    “We need be willing to put POLITICAL CORRECTNESS aside and FACE THE FACTS”…

    I’ , like to keep things simple,…so let’s think past Mitt’s silver spoon environment,… He is a grown man that is offering a Leadership QUALITY that America NEEDS RIGHT NOW…not in 2016…..

    “Words are Plentiful, ..Deeds are Priceless”.

    Remember “Pres. Obama’s WORDS”, of 2008 thru 2012…..and What DEEDS did he accomplish from the age 21 to present???? And WHAT QUALITY of DEEDS has He, accomplished while in office????

    Likewise Gov, Romney …. think positively, his DEEDS list from the age 0f 21 to present…. exceeds the list of his wordiness.

    I’m not giving Mitt a pass on “thinking” that he was talking close friends and didn’t expect (that only parts) of what he was saying would go viral…(as all B.H. Obama’s media spies are lurking everywhere).

    In the short time of “MITT’s, EXPOSURE to the public…WE KNOW MORE ABOUT HIM THAN” ….WE KNOW of OBAMA……”We’ve had MORE THAN Five(5) YEARS of LEARNING ABOUT OBAMA”…AND WE STILL HAVE… “UNANSWERED VERIFICATIONS and MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS”… of Barry…OPPS I mean…BARAK. “Except that Obama DID”……FAIL to KEEP His PROMISE of..” “Hope & Change”, …INSTEAD…. he has managed to…” DOPE and DERANGEand DEVIDE “,… “We The Voters”.

    May God continue to Bless Our America, and each voter, for WE have a RESPONSIBILITY to place a “REAL MAN”,,,that has proven DEEDS of Accomplishment in the Office of the Presidency, and NOT a WORDY GERDY that can Talk a good game…but cannot play the part of LEADING OUR NATION, in the guidelines of The Constitution, The bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence.

    “I”, Robert David Hummel… APPROVE of this message.

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